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15 April 2014 @ 03:00 pm
"50 Shades of Sinema" - Intro, 1/50- 50 Stories - Theme Set 3 - Sakurai Atsushi/Ruki, Kai/Ruki  
Title: 50 Shades of Sinema
Author: Ditra Flame
Theme: Theme #23, high heels
Pairing: Sakurai Atsushi/Kai/Ruki, Sakurai/Ruki, Chris Motionless/Ruki, Kai/Ruki
Band[s]: Buck-Tick, The Gazette
Disclaimer: I own none of these people. This is fiction. There is no way that this is not fiction. If you believe it's true that's you but I don't and these three men own themselves. I don't even own the lyrics.
Comments: My insanity knows no bounds.


"Sinematic" By Motionless in White

The wall that I have built to keep you out is starting to rust
Because everything around me just reminds me of us.
I am an addict for dramatic, black hair and pale
Yet I'm still collecting bones, but that's why closets are for skeletons
Adjust your body, hold it over my head
Because you know that if you're not then I'll always let you in
I've been numb for so long that I forgot how to feel
So I don't care if it will break my heart, just fuck me till we disappear

You said you'd never leave
Now this is all that we have left
You were supposed to save me
From myself

The wall that I have built to keep you out has crumbled to dust
And I hope that everything you see reminds you of us
I've been gone for so long that I forgot what is real
So I don't care if I will miss you, please just fuck me till we disappear

You never said you'd haunt me
Now this is all that we have left
You were supposed to save me
From myself
You said you never loved me
But look at all the stunts you pulled
I was supposed to save you
From yourself

Now the sky is on fire and we're all wide awake
There is no hope that we need to fix this mistake
We can't control who we hurt so we fuck the pain away

So through the valley of light just come in to me
Till the bed breaks of nails tell a story of heat,
We can't control how we hurt so we fuck the pain away

Chapter ONE

We said this was “the last time”, over and over again
(Blind eyes) The closer I get is the further I feel
(Hands tied) And I’m losing my grip on remembering what’s real

Kai opened the door, not shocked to see Ruki anymore. Especially in the wee hours of the morning, 2:30 AM to be exact. He had yet to be asleep. Ruki's hair was wet, the long, over sized jacket obviously Sakurai's. Ruki's makeup was a mess.

"Come in," Kai said, opening his door wider. Ruki slipped inside, shivering from the cool rain. Kai went about getting some towels. "What is it this time?" Ruki sniffles and that's when he notices what he thought was loud red makeup smeared across Ruki's mouth and cheeks was some good ol' rough lipstick, well, it was actually blood. "Jesus," Kai gets another towel. Ruki's wrapped in a couple of them, holding one to his nose. "I'm not going to push... but Ruki you can't- we can't keep doing this," Kai said,getting a fluffy blanket. He wrapped Ruki in it and Kai left him to rest.

The sun was barely illuminating the horizon but it was getting there. Kai heard some noise but didn't rouse to what it was. The next moment, Ruki's in his arms, kissing him softly. Kai was his protector, Kai was his real man so why couldn't he leave Sakurai? For everything he'd done to him?

Then Ruki was kissing him on the lips and Ruki was flipped to his back. He was completely devoid of everything but the heels he'd worn there during the night. Ruki slept on the couch but why? "Kai-sama," He breathed softly, wrapping his legs loosely around his waist. "You know whom I love, right?" He breathed and Kai gripped his thighs, shoving up into him. "I love you!" Ruki cried, nails clawing up and down Kai's back, the heels in Ruki's shoes pressing into the skin below Kai's ass, basically the back of his thighs. Ruki clung to Kai as he was fucked. Ruki's eyes slid close, his legs tightening. It was a minutes long, early morning arousal, sleep-filled fuck, they both came quick and despite the detachment showed early, Kai held Ruki close, kissing him.

"I like you in these heels," Kai eventually said,, holding Ruki around the waist. He kissed all over Ruki's neck. "I want to see you strut in those," Kai murmurs. "Prance around for me," Kai says, smiling and grabbing his digital camera from the night stand, the sun now peaking in through the blinds and curtains. Ruki slid out of bed and slid on Kai's work shirt, buttoning it up, rolling the sleeves up, walking back and forth in front of Kai and then swinging around to plant himself ass first to his lap. He ground his ass down, stood, turned and kissed Kai. "Do you think I would make a sexy stripper?" Ruki asked curiously. Kai held him close, his mouth busy on his neck.

"Mmm... for me you would," Kai said softly, holding Ruki to him and a finger pushed inside of him. Ruki arched, moaning.

"Do I turn you on so much?" Ruki groaned, arching higher.

"You turn me on more. We never have enough time together. You always go back to him," Kai said, growling under his breath.

"So do you," Ruki said and Kai didn't stop fingering Ruki, just pushed a second into him. Ruki cried out. wound one leg around Kai, reaching down and stroking Kai's cock. "Please, Kai," Ruki moaned, softly touching, softly whispering to him. Kai grunted and removed his fingers, pulling the other leg up, holding them, one over each forearm pushed up a bit, plunging into Ruki and rocking hard into him.

"You and these heels,"" Kai growled while Ruki shivered. He ran a hand through Kai's hair. "So sexy," Ruki said to Kai. Kai nipped his shoulder. "Don't go back to me," It's a plea.

"I have to," Ruki groans. "Let's talk about something else," He offers, pushing into Kai's thrusts, trying to get more. Kai was withholding on purpose. ""Please, Kai!" Ruki cried, squeezing him tighter, digging his finger nails into his arms, arching his back. "Oh God, please,"

At first Ruki can be understood only in that first statement, after that he's thrown off. Not saying what he wants to be saying and Kai's fucking him senseless, the bed frame rocking along the floor. Ruki's legs tensed, his toes pressing downward, causing his legs t be caught in a way that extended them, catching the muscle. Ruki's cock spurts with him and Kai sucked on Ruki's bottom lip.

"Let it go, let it go," Ruki begs and Kai buried himself home several more times before he gave in to the pleas. Ruki and Kai collapsed on the bed, gasping for breath.

"I'm not going back this time," Ruki said softly. "Can I stay with you?"

"He'll find you,"

"Yeah, but you'll protect me," Ruki smiled, snuggling up to Kai. "My protector," Ruki murmured. Kai chuckled.

"Maybe," He sighed. Ruki snorted.

"I need more than a maybe before I leave right now," Ruki said.

"Oh calm down, Ruki. Don't worry, I'm here," Kai said. "Now go back to sleep," They both sighed, curling up to wind one around the other and they slept.