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11 May 2010 @ 01:28 pm
Theme set 004 archive  
Under the cut you will find the archive for all the fics written for the fourth theme set, organised alphabetically by band and pairing. Let me know if any links are broken or locked.

Alice nine

Saga x Shou Written by roku_kitty [Ongoing]

Theme 005: Butt Staring

Tora x Saga Written by fallen_am_i [Ongoing]

Theme 010: Naked A not so innocent habit


Aoi x Reita Written by evilbunnygirl93 [Ongoing]

Theme 001: Pain A single red rose
Theme 012: Teddy bear Because i love you
Theme 025: hero My hero
Theme 031: Electricity Stormy night
Theme 032: Guitar My most prized possession


Miyavi x Takeru Written by gioiadivisione [Ongoing]

Theme 017: Pretty China doll
Theme 046: mobile phone Mistakes We Knew We Were Making
Theme 050: Rainbow Paint by numbers

Ken x Ayumi Written by earnestinberlin [Ongoing]

Theme 001: Pain The ghost in my room