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26 August 2008 @ 08:58 pm
Theme set one archive part one: 1 - M  
Under the cut you will find the archive for all the fics written for the first theme set, organised alphabetically by band and pairing, for bands starting with the letters 1 - M. Let me know if any links are broken or locked.


Yuu x Wataru written by t0deep [Ongoing]

Theme 002: Alcohol Apparently
Theme 016: Denial I don't know your name
Theme 028: Jealousy A different type of burn
Theme 031: monster News to me

Well versed
Theme 006: Attraction


Yue x Tsuyoshi written by lunaticcu [Incomplete]

Theme 012: Candle A twinkle of hope
Theme 038: Separation You would... a piece of you

Alice nine

Hiroto x Shou written by kageru13 [Incomplete]

Theme 001: Accident You're the best accident i ever had
Theme 002: Alcohol You're not trying to get me drunk, right?
Theme 009: Blood Beat me up
Theme 031: Monster Never thought you'd go this far
Theme 035: Ocean Follow me
Theme 045: Strawberry Nyummy

I told you before 028: Jealousy 015: Death

Hiroto x Tora written by chinesetakeout [Ongoing]

Theme 003: Amusement: Explanation needed
Theme 005: Anger Fading faith
Theme 029: Love Polished diamonds

Saga x Hiroto written by hell_angel_v2 [Incomplete]

Theme 015: Death Love will find a way

Saga x Nao written by devil_naoo [Incomplete]

Theme 017: Depression Come back
Theme 034: Music Sleepless night

Saga x Shou written by bloodywing [Incomplete]

Theme 003: Amusement Candy
Theme 017: Depression The price of fame
Theme 030: Lust DeMakeUp
Theme 041: Sleep How to tell you i love you?
Theme 042: Song 百合の花は、

Tora x Shou written by actuate_eden [Incomplete]

Theme 038: Separation Separation
Theme 041: Sleep Sleep
Theme 042: Song Song

An Cafe

Kanon x Miku written by ryuutsuki [Ongoing]

Theme 003: Amusement: If the rain keeps falling
Theme 011: Cake Cake, anyone?
Theme 013: Chocolate Together forever
Theme 018: Dream: Facing reality
Theme 024: Hate Crushed
Theme 028: Jealousy Turn of events
Theme 029: Love Together forever
Theme 032: Morning Serenity
Theme 036: Rain If the rain keeps falling
Theme 040: Sickness Advantages of getting sick
Theme 041: Sleep Nap time
Theme 044: Snow Rapture

Time and again
Theme 020: Fear Theme 001: Accident Theme 038: Separation

Miku x Bou written by kharlan [Incomplete]

Theme 040: Sickness Don't chase butterflies

Miku x Takuya written by ava_valentine [Ongoing]

Meant to be
Theme 016: Denial Theme 002: Alcohol

Teruki x Bou written by sykem [Incomplete]

Theme 003: Amusement Just for the fun of it
Theme 020: fear Why did i wait so long?
Theme 036: Rain To relieve my rainy day blues

If only it were real 018: Dream 037: Sad

Teruki x Kanon written by scream_photoxop [Incomplete]

001: accident


Junhyung x Hyunseung written by animefan961 [Ongoing]

Theme 036: Rain Astraphobia

Million miles
Theme 038: Separation Theme 016: Denial


Shunsuke x Tsukasa written by wildwein [Incomplete]

Theme 011: Cake One of my names
Theme 037: Sad The last morning


Asagi x Hide-Zou written by welovedorks [Ongoing]

Theme 036: Rain Rain

Asagi x Hiroki written by fallformedia [Incomplete]

Theme 025: holiday/vacation Playing hookie
Theme 041: Sleep: Blanket queen


Hizumi x Karyu written by black_bamboo [Ongoing]

Genwaku 001: Accident 005: Anger

Karyu x Zero written by my_zero [Incomplete]

Theme 028: Jealousy Untitled

Zero x Hizumi written by leather_cookie [Incomplete]

Zero-kun's little quest for an unusual XXX 030: Lust 003: Amusement


Kim Jaejoong x Jung YunHo written by shikamidokuno [Incomplete]

Theme 002: Alcohol Maybe tomorrow...
Theme 015: Death Well, why not?
Theme 031: Monster Hurts, doesn't it?
Theme 048: Travel It's that simple

Park YooChun x Kim JaeJoong written by fruitsz_pixie [Incomplete]

Theme 050: Winter Waiting


Aie x Mako written by dracunculusmed [Incomplete]

Theme 002: Alcohol Wager
Theme 009: Blood Haemophilia
Theme 015: Death Weightless
Theme 020: Fear Incandescence
Theme 036: Rain Pure

Dir en grey

Die x Shinya written by faeriefloss [Ongoing]

Theme 013: Chocolate I want chocolate!
Theme 015: Death A Question of why
Theme 030: Lust 001
Theme 032: Morning Mornings

Die x Toshiya written by daidetre [Ongoing]

Theme 015: Death The pledge
Theme 017: Depression My sweet prince
Theme 019: Family Nuclear
Theme 023: Happy Eighteen years
Theme 024: Hate When doves cry
Theme 036: Rain Nothing more, nothing less
Theme 038: Separation Good morning, goodnight
Theme 044: Snow Winter wonderland
Theme 049: Ugly A little reminder

Die x Toshiya written by beanova_ [Incomplete]

Theme 015: Death Never
Theme 023: Happy I love
Theme 026: Home Safest of all
Theme 030: Lust Birthday fun for all!

Kaoru x Die written by fonulyn [Ongoing]

Theme 003: Amusement Fiction
Theme 005: Anger I still love him
Theme 006: Attraction Where do you feel you're home?
Theme 007: Autumn/fall Autumn
Theme 010: Book Memories
Theme 012: Candle Evening of confessions
Theme 016: Denial Hurt
Theme 018: Dream Sleep
Theme 019: Family Uncertainty
Theme 020: Fear Pain
Theme 021: Forest Haunting memories
Theme 023: Happy Beating as one
Theme 026: Home After all these years
Theme 029: Love The heart
Theme 030: Lust I want you
Theme 031: Monster Fragment of time
Theme 032: Morning Give him everything
Theme 033: Mountain Never
Theme 034: Music A Story Of How Kaoru Joined La:Sadie’s
Theme 035: Ocean Shore
Theme 036: Rain Once upon a rainy day
Theme 037: Sad Broken
Theme 039: Ship Bottled ships
Theme 040: Sickness A cold
Theme 041: Sleep Morning's sleep
Theme 042: Song You are the one
Theme 043: Spring A boy under the cherry tree
Theme 044: Snow The first snowflakes
Theme 048: Travel There for you

Complications Theme 038: Separation Theme 028: Jealousy
End of the road Theme 049: ugly Theme 027: Hot Theme 22: Greed Theme 047: Thirst Theme 014: Cold Theme 001: Accident Theme 008: Beauty

Kaoru x Kyo written by horror_beloved [Incomplete]

Theme 028: Jealousy Living a dream

Kaoru x Shinya written by helldarkangel [Incomplete]

Theme 011: Cake Kaoru Loves Shinya, Shinya Loves Kaoru and Miyu Loves Cake
Theme 022: Greed Greed
Theme 026: home Prologue
Theme 036: Rain Forever and a day

Kyo x Die written by pokeypillow [Incomplete]

Theme 036: Rain Downpour
Theme 038: Separation A brief separation

Kyo x Shinya written by dklc23 [Incomplete]

Theme 007: Autumn/fall Fall
Theme 013: Chocolate What are you eating?
Theme 024: Hate: Socks ^^

Due le quartz

Sakito x Miyabi written by sugalesshanghai [Incomplete]

Theme 021: Forest Untitled


Gackt x Chachamaru written by kami16 [Incomplete]

Theme 004: Angel Transparent wings
Theme 010: Book Pink fuzzy book
Theme 012: Candle Death of a candle
Theme 015: Death Death and love
Theme 024: Hate Screw up
Theme 031: Monster Early morning horrors
Theme 034: Music Love is music of the soul
Theme 044: snow Love melts like snow

Gackt x Masa written by ani_mai_toll [Incomplete]

Theme 004: Angel Angel

Gackt x You written by snoozing_kitten [Incomplete]

Theme 001: Accident Like glass

Ren x Masa written by sugoi_ren [Incomplete]

Theme 004: Angel 50 Ways To Love
Theme 005: Anger 50 ways to love
Theme 006: Attraction 50 ways to love
Theme 014: Cold 50 Ways To Love
Theme 030: Lust 50 Ways To Love
Theme 032: Morning 50 Ways To Love
Theme 033: Mountain 50 ways to love
Theme 036: Rain 50 Ways To Love
Theme 045: Strawberry 50 Ways To Love

You x Chachamaru written by amberkid [Incomplete]

Theme 046: Summer Pleasures

Theme 044: Snow Theme 032: Morning


Aoi x Kai written by granitemouth [Ongoing]

Theme 049: Ugly Imperfect

Aoi x Reita written by stoicdecadence [Incomplete]

Theme 005: Anger Hypothetically

Demolition lovers
Theme 047: Thirst Theme 017: Depression

Aoi x Reita written by machete_rose [Ongoing]

Theme 038: Jealousy Look only at me
Theme 044: Snow Snowflakes that never melt

Reita x Kai written by wenyyeo [Incomplete*]
*Missing two themes, plus more than one theme used for some stories*

Theme 001: Accident No lunch
Theme 002: Alcohol Never take you away
Theme 003: Amusement Morning manicure
Theme 004: Angel Sinners
Theme 005: Anger Sickness; Anger
Theme 006: Attraction "Daisuki desu"
Theme 007: Autumn/Fall Seasons
Theme 008: Beauty The end
Theme 009: Blood Never take you away
Theme 010: Book Of books and jealous kisses
Theme 011: Cake Conversation
Theme 012: Candle Flicker
Theme 013: Chocolate Chocolate
Theme 014: Cold Sickness; Anger
Theme 015: Death The end
Theme 016: Denial Deny
Theme 017: Depression Unresisting
Theme 018: Dream Stay out of my dreams; and in my life
Theme 019: Family Happiness, separation anxiety
Theme 020: Fear Fear
Theme 021: Forest Box of chocolates
Theme 022: Greed Limitations
Theme 023: Happy Happiness, separation anxiety
Theme 024: Hate Hate
Theme 025: Holiday/Vacation I miss you already
Theme 026: Home "Okaeri"
Theme 027: Hot Summer marble
Theme 028: Jealousy Of books and jealous kisses
Theme 029: Love Heart shapes
Theme 030: Lust Consequences
Theme 032: Morning Morning manicure
Theme 033: Mountain The sea or the ocean
Theme 034: Music Rockstar
Theme 035: Ocean The sea or the ocean
Theme 036: Rain Raining makes broken hearts
Theme 037: Sad Don't be sad any more
Theme 038: Separation Happiness, separation anxiety
Theme 040: Sickness Sickness; Anger
Theme 041: Sleep Habits
Theme 042: Song What makes a song
Theme 043: Spring Seasons
Theme 044: Snow Snow
Theme 045: Strawberry Compromising at the supermarket
Theme 046: Summer Seasons
Theme 047: Thirst Stay out of my dreams; and in my life
Theme 048: Travel I miss you already
Theme 049: Ugly Limitations
Theme 050: Winter Seasons

Reita x Ruki written by awoken [Incomplete]

Theme 002: Alcohol Whoops...
Theme 010: Book Bookstores
Theme 014: Cold Multiply/divide
Theme 027: Hot Pensive
Theme 033: Mountain Cos baby...
Theme 036: Rain Half an Hour, 30 Minutes, 1800 Seconds...
Theme 040: Sickness Nurse Ruki

Reita x Uruha written by sztikerami [Ongoing]

Theme 001: Accident Monday morning
Theme 002: Alcohol The first time
Theme 020: Fear In Münchausen's Embrace

Reita x Uruha written by prince_ryu [Incomplete]

Theme 008: Beauty You can't leave
Theme 009: Blood This is my club
Theme 017: Depression Trio
Theme 024: Hate Trio
Theme 028: Jealousy Trio
Theme 034: Music You only loved me for...
Theme 049: Ugly Bandages, no more

Ruki x Uruha written by inoritsuzuketa [Incomplete]

Theme 004: Angel In the arms of an angel
Theme 009: Blood Without wings
Theme 035: Ocean Electric blue
Theme 036: Rain Raindrop

Mint kiss
Theme 007: Autumn/fall

Theme 029: Love

Uruha x Aoi written by neo_tenshi [Ongoing]

Theme 002: Alcohol If you have to
Theme 004: Angel Heavenly
Theme 010: Book Desire
Theme 011: Cake Untitled
Theme 013: Chocolate Those crazy summer days
Theme 027: Hot Those lazy summer days...
Theme 031: Monster Under your bed
Theme 036: Rain All of you

Destination fate
Theme 046: Summer Theme 007: Autumn/fall Theme 050: Winter Theme 043: Spring

Grains of paradise
Theme 025: Holiday/vacation Theme 042: Song Then 023: Happy Theme 038: Separation Theme 045: Strawberry Theme 015: Death Theme 021: Forest
Theme 028: Jealousy Theme 019: Family Theme 048: travel Theme 049: Ugly Theme 035: Ocean Theme 033: Mountain Theme 040: Sickness
Theme 009: Blood Theme 037: Sad Theme 041: Sleep Theme 047: Thirst(a) Theme 047: Thirst(b) Theme 044: Snow Theme 008: Beauty

Memories of you
Theme 012: Candle

Three steps to a relationship
Theme 030: Lust Theme 006: Attraction Theme 029: Love

Which way to the primrose path?
Theme 001: Accident Theme 003: Amusement Theme 016: Denial Theme 020: Fear Theme 014: Cold Theme 022: Greed
Theme 005: Anger Theme 024: Hate Theme 018: Dream Theme 017: Depression Theme 032: Morning Theme 026: Home


Zero x Kisara written by chihiropi [Incomplete]

Like sweet vanilla
Theme 007: Autumn/fall Theme 008: Beauty


Jiro x Hisashi written by meikoxlove [Incomplete]

Theme 003: Amusement Blind date
Theme 006: Attraction W sexy
Theme 013: Chocolate 愛するようになる
Theme 016: Denial Rejected?
Theme 024: Hate Where are my true feelings?
Theme 032: Morning There’s always someone on your side
Theme 037: Sad Clearing sky
Theme 039: Ship Beloved

Teru x Hisashi written by visual_freak [COMPLETE]

Theme 003: Amusement Overslept
Theme 008: Beauty How i see him
Theme 010: Book Its always the same...
Theme 013: Chocolate Sweet surprises
Theme 015: Death Regretful thoughts
Theme 028: Jealousy Who's the fool?
Theme 033: Mountain Hidden desires
Theme 036: Rain When the rain begins to fall
Theme 040: Sickness Chance
Theme 042: Song Final distance
Theme 049: Ugly Confessions
Theme 050: Winter Remembrance

A new friend
Theme 025: Holiday/vacation Theme 048: Travel Theme 034: Music Theme 001: Accident Theme 035: Ocean Theme 020: Fear Theme 002: Alcohol
Theme 006: Attraction Theme 014: Cold Theme 032: Morning Theme 023: Happy Theme 027: Hot Theme 046: Summer Theme 045: Strawberry
Theme 009: Blood Theme 021: Forest Theme 012: Candle Theme 031: Monster Theme 049: Ugly Theme 041: sleep Theme 030: Lust Theme 016: Denial
Theme 029: Love Theme 005: Anger Theme 024: Hate Theme 019: Family (Part 01) Theme 019: Family (part 02) Theme 037: Sad Theme 020: Fear (part 01)
Theme 020: Fear (part 02) Theme 030: Lust Theme 009: Blood Theme 011: Cake Theme 038: Separation Theme 023: Happy Theme 004: Angel

Theme 007: Autumn/fall Theme 043: Spring Theme 018: Dream Theme 039: ship

Theme 047: Thirst Theme 044: Snow Theme 022: Greed Theme 017: Depression Theme 026: Home


Jun x Nono written by summercello [Incomplete]

Theme 038: Separation Middle of nowhere

Izabel Varosa

Hikaru x Kazui written by wyndslash [Incomplete]

Theme 010: Book I love books
Theme 013: Chocolate Chocolates for you
Theme 029: Love A kiss says it all
Theme 032: Morning You & me
Theme 034: Music Beautiful music
Theme 037: Sad Valentine's day
Theme 040: Sickness Love you always
Theme 046: Summer Summer's good for lovin'

I'll always be here
Theme 017: Depression Theme 036: Rain Theme 028: Jealousy


Akiya x Izumi written by aoisama [Incomplete]

Theme 001: Accident Es moy frio en tu pantilones
Theme 003: Amusement Torment and tantalize
Theme 004: Angel Pale
Theme 006: Attraction Selling tattered peonies
Theme 008: Beauty Pale
Theme 015: Death Kisses in the wind
Theme 024: Hate How deep is your love?
Theme 026: Home Untitled
Theme 037: Sad Broken hearted

Confused lovers
Theme 041: Sleep Theme 032: Morning Theme 018: Dream Theme 023: Happy

Theme 020: Fear Theme 038: Separation

Theme 039: Ship Theme 016: Denial Theme 002: Alcohol

Wishing on the same star
Theme 046: Summer Theme 007: Autumn/fall Theme 050: Winter

Isshi x Akiya written by circuitxchaos [Incomplete]

Theme 002: Alcohol Better than alcohol
Theme 028: Jealousy Isshi no magical adventure

Isshi x Izumi written by totchi6 [Incomplete]

Theme 012: Candle Blue flames
Theme 014: Cold Cold
Theme 045: Strawberry Yummy

Isshi x Nao written by carisma_sensei [Incomplete]

Theme 001: Accident Your body is my body
Theme 002: Alcohol What can i do? 001 002 003 004 005
Theme 004: Angel Angels never die
Theme 006: Attraction I can't avoid you 001
Theme 010: Book Written life 001 002 003
Theme 011: Cake Baking love 001 002 003
Theme 013: Chocolate Come back again 001 002
Theme 018: Dream Untitled
Theme 020: Fear Fear of? 001 002
Theme 026: Home This is my home
Theme 027: Hot Sweet heat
Theme 028: Jealousy How many times have you kissed and tasted her? 001 002 003
Theme 030: Lust It's just a feeling 001 002 003
Theme 038: Separation Time forgets...
Theme 039: Ship Untitled 001
Theme 043: Spring Spring has come
Theme 045: Strawberry Sweet
Theme 046: Summer Trains
Theme 047: Thirst Lemme drink from you
Theme 049: Ugly Plastic life 001 002 003

Isshi x Shin written by miya_vi [Incomplete]

Theme 006: Attraction Uta no meguru

Nao x Akiya written by a_k_i_y_a [Incomplete]

Theme 001: Accident Unwanted

Theme 001: Accident Theme 002: Alcohol Theme 003: Amusement Theme 004: Angel

The fix
Theme 002: Alcohol

Nao x Izumi written by enai [Incomplete]

Theme 002: Alcohol Misunderstanding
Theme 008: Beauty Perfect
Theme 010: Book Princess Izumi
Theme 018: Dream 思い出
Theme 021: Forest Izumi nights
Theme 024: Hate Selfish
Theme 031: Monster Monster in my room
Theme 036: Rain Love drops
Theme 041: Sleep Goodnight geisha
Theme 044: Snow Whiteness

Theme 007: Autumn/fall Theme 012: Candle Theme 028: Jealousy

Shin x Nao written by mazonokarasu [Incomplete]

Theme 016: Denial Refrain 001 002

KISAKI Project

Jui x Kisaki written by midori_tsuki01 [Incomplete]

Theme 028: Jealousy Jealousy


hyde x hyde written by mirroredsakura [Incomplete]

Theme 002: Alcohol The other side
Theme 015: Death Through the open door

Ken x Tetsu written by blue_grey_pride [Incomplete]

Theme 001: Accident Don't say goodbye
Theme 002: Alcohol Sweet intoxication
Theme 003: Amusement Personal amusement
Theme 004: Angel My sweet angel
Theme 005: Anger I still love you

Sakura x hyde written by duos_braid [Incomplete]

Theme 002: Alcohol Time to say goodbye
Theme 006: Attraction Teenage angst
Theme 007: Autumn/fall Memories
Theme 009: Blood Crimson
Theme 010: Book Christine
Theme 014: Cold Silence
Theme 016: Denial The game
Theme 022: Greed Already gone
Theme 024: Hate I don't mind either way
Theme 032: Morning Weird
Theme 042: Song The reason
Theme 047: Thirst Drowning

Sakura x Ken written by sheika_takarai [Incomplete]

Theme 001: Accident Accident
Theme 028: Jealousy If you ever
Theme 029: Love Love
Theme 037: Sad Empty
Theme 049: Ugly Ugly duckling
Theme 050: Winter Melting

Tetsu x hyde written by bloodied_quill [Incomplete]

Theme 003: Amusement Smile
Theme 004: Angel Inked angel wings
Theme 012: Candle In the silence
Theme 016: Denial Lies
Theme 023: Happy And i play pool
Theme 028: Jealousy Willing
Theme 030: Lust Clutch
Theme 031: Monster Game
Theme 033: Mountain Reasoning
Theme 035: Ocean America
Theme 038: Separation Transcend
Theme 040: Sickness Sway
Theme 042: Song Delilah
Theme 045: Strawberry Gently

Yukihiro x hyde written by chibi_desu_xd [Ongoing]

Theme 003: Amusement Care
Theme 006: Attraction Chemistry
Theme 012: Candle A Bath tonight
Theme 020: Fear Surprise
Theme 026: Home Anxiety
Theme 032: Morning Cereals
Theme 036: Rain Leisure
Theme 038: Separation Silence

La'Cryma Christi

Taka x Hiro written by velvetgunfire [Incomplete]

Theme 004: Angel Angel
Theme 040: Sickness Sickness


Aiji x Maya written by destiny_1989 [Incomplete]

Theme 005: Anger Cheating
Theme 018: Dream Creeping crawlers

Luna sea

J x Inoran written by reguretto [Incomplete]

Theme 003: Amusement Swings and reputation
Theme 008: Beauty Tap!
Theme 010: Book Going by the book
Theme 022: Greed I want to be nothing I want to be the universe
Theme 030: Lust Rosier
Theme 034: Music One of the many nights
Theme 038: Separation My sweet friend

Malice mizer

Gackt x Kami written by muse90210 [Incomplete]

Theme 004: Angel Butterfly wings
Theme 015: Death Hear me
Theme 018: Dream Nightscape

Gackt x Klaha written by shinacira [Incomplete]

Theme 002: Alcohol 50 mistakes that destroyed my life no thanks to the fruit cake

Gackt x Mana written by just_sparkle [Incomplete]

Theme 021: Forest Why did i agree?
Theme 025: Holiday/vacation Why did i agree?

Kozi x Mana written by mana_sucker319 [Incomplete]

The music in me
Theme 027: Hot Theme 002: Alcohol Theme 001: Accident Theme 038: Separation


Kenichi x Yuu written by xstreetofalice [Incomplete]

So run little children play
Theme 030: Lust Theme 032: Morning Theme 006: Attraction Theme 038: Separation

Tetsu x Nero written by xoxodede [Ongoing]

Sovereign chronicles
Theme 001: Accident

Moi dix mois

Juka x Kazuno written by innocent__boy [Incomplete]

Theme 025: Holiday/vacation Standing here
Theme 027: Hot Standing sex
Theme 031: monster My immortal
Theme 040: Sickness Illness illusion
Theme 045: Strawberry Of a tasty lipstick, a bassist in love and an innocent vocalist
Theme 049: Ugly Distorted face